Ben Than Street Food Market

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A popular spot to try street food in Ho Chi Minh City. A wide selection of food stalls under one roof. Trendy atmosphere, reasonable prices. And it’s clean.
Ben Than Street Food Market in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The Ben Than Street Food Market is a modern take on the traditional street food in Vietnam. The venue opened in 2015 with tourists in mind and has been a popular spot ever since. It is a great place to try a variety of street food in Ho Chi Minh.

It is a similar concept to hawker stalls you can find in places like Singapore, though on a much smaller scale. There are a variety of small food stalls located under one roof. There is plenty of open seating to dine on your chosen dish.

The market is designed to cater to tourists with a nice layout and cleanliness in mind – which may appeal to those who might be reluctant to try street food from a traditional vendor. You’ll see some attractive decorations with beautiful murals painted on the walls. And popular music plays over the speaker systems while you eat. Even the bathrooms are modern and kept clean.

But just because it was developed for tourists in mind, that doesn’t mean the food isn’t great. There are some wonderful dishes to try. The food is good and reasonably priced.

What to Expect At Ben Than Street Food Market

The Ben Than Street Food Market can get quite busy. Depending on when you arrive you may find yourself sharing a table with others. 

The food court is open to the street on the front of the building. About 12 long wooden tables are overlooking the somewhat busy Thu Khoa Huan Road. 

In the middle of the building are the food stalls. There are around 25 different restaurants to choose from. They serve a variety of different dishes from around the region and the world. You can find Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, BBQ, and even some Western food.

There is a bar at the front that also serves several types of beer on draft or in a bottle. The local beer is Bia Saigon lager and quite popular. They serve a nice selection of imported beers as well.

In the back behind the food stalls is another large section of wooden tables for dining, as well as the modern bathrooms. 

People eating at the Ben Than Street Food Market in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

The restaurant seems like they had Instagram in mind when they decorated. With the colorful art on the walls and street inspired layout, it has no doubt made it into many travelers’ feeds.

It won’t take long to have a look around the various food options, though making a decision maybe a little tougher. Once you place your order, you will get a marker to place on your table. Your server will deliver your food in a few minutes. It’s a good opportunity to head to the bar up front and grab a beer to bring back to your table if you are inclined.

While there are many international food options, Vietnamese food is the most prevalent. You’ll find all the traditional favorites such as Pho, Banh Mi sandwiches, and Bun Bo vermicelli noodle bowls. As well as many more you’ve probably never heard of.

A bowl of Pho and Bia Saigon beer at the Ben Than Street Food Market

Some nights have live entertainment which adds to the vibe. The tables are close together and it has a very social atmosphere if you want to meet and talk to some new people. It’s a relaxed place to get a beer and a meal in Ho Chi Minh City.

Should You Go

The Ben Than Street Food Market is popular and can get busy. If you have a large party you may want to go earlier to try and get seating for the whole group.

It is located in District 1 near many of the hotels. It’s also a short walk from many of the sights including Ben Than Market, Reunification Palace, Saigon Central Post Office, and Notre Dame Cathedral.

It is a fine option for either lunch or dinner.

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