The Best Airlines To Fly From The U.S. To Thailand

If you are looking to fly from the US to Thailand, the Asian airlines are almost always the best choice. We layout our best options.
View of EVA Boeing 777 Flying

When choosing the best airline to fly from the U.S. to Thailand, the top choices are almost all exclusively Asian carriers. You can expect better service, nicer planes, more room, and an overall better experience than flying on a U.S. carrier. Even among the Asian airlines, a handful rise above the rest.

I almost always recommend avoiding airlines like American, United, or Delta – unless the flight is on one of the Asian partner airline from the list below. Flying from the U.S. to Thailand takes a full day of flying, at least 24 hrs door to door, it makes sense to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Here is our top picks for the best airlines to fly between the U.S. and Thailand’s Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is consistently rated as one of the best airlines in the world for their top tier service. The fly direct into Changi Airport (SIN) from Los Angeles (LAX), San Francisco (SFO), and Seatle (SEA). From there it is a short layover and a quick flight into Bangkok.

They run one flight from LAX to SIN on an Airbus A350 that has only business and premium economy class seats – no economy seating. While most of their other flight also offer premium economy, it it only in a handful of rows. If you like a little extra comfort but don’t have the money for a business class seat, premium economy is a great way to travel.

EVA Airlines

EVA Airlines is based out of Taiwan and is another Skytrax 5 Star airlines and offer great service on their flights from the U.S. to Bangkok. Most flights are on Boeing 777 which are up to date and equipped with the modern flying conveniences you’d expect, including a very good in-flight entertainment system.

The majority of EVA lights depart around midnight and arrive in Bangkok around 11 am. The planes connect in Taipei, but often have a long layover – 3 – 4 hours. EVA also offers a good premium economy class. And if you have a thing for Hello Kitty, they have planes and gates adorned with the cartoon cats.

EVA Airlines is part of the Star Alliance.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier of Hong Kong and offers many flights from the west coast of the United States to Thailand. They fly a mix of 747 and 777 with Business, Premium Economy, and Economy classes. It is part of the One World Alliance, which makes it a good option for customers who have miles with that program.

ANA Airways

All Nippon Airways, ANA, is the largest airline in Japan. You can catch a flight from most of the major west coast airports, SEA, SFO, and LAX. They fly a combination of Boeing 787 Dreamliners and 777. They offer Business, Premium Economy, and Economy on most flights.

ANA flights typically leave midday and don’t arrive in Bangkok until almost midnight the following day. This can be either good or bad depending on your perspective. All things combined makes ANA is one of the best airlines to fly to Thailand.

ANA is part of the Star Alliance.

Japan Airlines

While ANA maybe Japan’s largest airline, Japan Airlines is the country’s flag carrier and a close second in size. They fly out of the usual west coast airports. JAL typically flies Boeing 777 and 787 out of LAX and San Francisco. They also fly some 767 out of Seattle.

Like most other airlines on the list they offer a premium economy option on some flights along with business and standard economy.

Japan Airlines is part of the OneWorld Alliance.

Asiana Airlines

While Asiana Airlines is a distant second to Korean Air in size, it is the only one of South Korea’s airlines that received the prestigious Skytrax 5-Star rating. They fly the A380 out of LAX, so if you ever wanted to fly on one of those jumbo double decker planes, here is you chance.

While the flights out of LA are a fairly reasonable duration of around 20 hours, the return home from Bangkok are not so great. With long layovers in Seoul, you could be looking at 26 hours compared to 18 hours on EVA Air. They are also one of the few airlines on the list that don’t offer a premium economy option.

Asiana is a member of the Star Alliance.

Qatar Airways

If you are leaving from the east coast you may want to take a look at Qatar Airways. While there are many good airlines from the Middle Eastern countries, Qatar Airways is at the top of the list. You can grab a flight out of JFK and then connects in Doha before placing down in Bangkok 20 hours later.

The flight home is going to take a bit longer. The flight from Bangkok to JFK via Doha is going to last 24 hours. But if you are living closer to the East Coast than the west, it might not be a much of a difference vs. flying westward.